All about Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a way to balance that which may be out of balance. It is a way to tap into subtle forces that affect our lives in profound ways.

Have you ever wondered why you feel fantastic in one place and totally drained in another? Feng shui understands how environments impact and interact with humans. Feng Shui works on an understanding of the energy called qi. Qi is the life force in everything. Accroding to the Chinese tradition wind caries the Qi and water contains the qi. Qi flows everywhere on the planet. The concepts of Yin and Yang are also vital to the principle of Qi and Feng shui. Many mistakenly believe that Yin and Yang are polar opposites. But in truth, one cannot exist without the other. It is all about balance. Yin is earth dark internal, condensation and all that is passive female, cool and decaying. Yang is heaven, bright open, male, hot, growing moving and expanding. When Yin and Yang are in good and healthy balance with each other, this creates symmetry of life giving qi. While yin/yang make up qi there are the Five Elements that make up yin and yang. All things are constructed of these basic elements. They are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The elements work in a cyclical fashion. One moves to the next. Wood feeds fire, fire feeds earth, earth feed metal, metal feeds water. When these elements are in correct and balanced form, they move from one to the next similarly to the four seasons. Our lives are constantly moving through parallel cycles. At its essence Feng shui is set of tools for identifying, understanding and creating healthy prosperous living spaces, by insuring that all of these elements are in harmony. You have likely experienced Feng shui without even realizing it. Have you ever noticed how some spaces are warm and inviting, and others just send a chill down your spine? This is Feng shui in action, and its deep relationship with your own Qi.

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Feng shui is a kind of diagnostic tool that examines and analyzes the relationship between yin/yang and the five elements.

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Consolidate your business successes, without sacrificing the harmony of your life. Your success is built through choices that involve a smart timing and effective methods.

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The Three Lucks

The concept of Heaven luck refers to destiny. There is a mapping in all our lives, determined prior to our birth, and influenced by our karma. Hence the concept of “Heaven luck”: this choice is made before we can make conscious choices. The form of Chinese astrology called BaZi (4 pillars) allows us to see how the Heaven luck works in our lives. It gives us a blueprint, our boundaries as well as our potential. Here is an example: in term of wealth and fame, we can say that the philanthropic Warren Buffett or the brilliant Jodie Foster both have has a bigger playground than, let’s say, someone who is born and spend his life in a favela. Such a person can still transform its destiny with good deeds and dedication; but the game is on a totally different scale. Karma has set up a different game at birth…The playground does not guarantee the happiness, still. This is what we see in your Bazi analysis.

Heaven luck

With such a mapping of our lives as seen in Chinese astrology, you may think that you have no free will left. Far from it! Taoism also talks about Human luck. Human luck is about choosing which path we take, and how we shape our destiny. Our karma indicates some directions to make our lives easier, and some lessons to learn: but to take this path and to accept the process is part of our free will, to some extent. This is how we build a different karma! Without free will there will be no choice, therefore no concept of karma… Traditionally a Taoist was trying to be virtuous and to live according to a code of conduct, and to take limited action. Nowadays our lives offer much more options and endless choices, which all transform our destiny. Certainly in old times, they did not have to choose everyday between fast food or a healthier diet, chat on Facebook or working, buying some new clothes or giving to a charity. Or, as I call it, choosing the right dessert. We live in the time of instantaneity and our karma and destinies have transformed too Some events are written in stone and some others are a matter of choice. Knowing which are which, through Bazi and astrologic forecasting, is a definite advantage in modern society.

Human luck

Finally, another major factor in our lives is the influence of Earth luck. The places where we live and work send blessings, curses or blessings in disguise, in subtle or not so subtle ways. Earth luck is the one Feng Shui deal with. For most people who are not aware of Feng Shui, it is not possible to know which part of their life comes from their place. However all of us have seen very different outcomes after we moved in a new place. Likewise, Feng Shui can make or break a business, even if it is a successful franchise.You don’t have to be a victim of this invisible Earth Luck. The great strength of Feng Shui is that properly designed, it works for you day after day. Once your home and business are harmonized, you already regain some control on your life and can focus on improving the rest.

Earth Luck

Feng Shui Money Area Location: Most Common Challenges


Out of all possibly challenging locations for your feng shui money area, this is the biggest one. Bathrooms have a negative reputation in feng shui, no matter which bagua area they are located in. You certainly would not want a love area in the bathroom, nor do you want your money area there just because it is difficult to keep the energy there clear, fresh and stable, so to speak. Difficult, but not impossible! These feng shui tips for a bathroom in the money area will help you minimize the negative impact of a money area bathroom.


This is the next concern with the location of a money area - in many houses the money area is actually in the garage, or a closet, or the laundry room. Again, the very first thing to do is to just take very godo care of these spaces because most often they are neglected, even in the most orderly and beautiful houses. After you've created a clean and orderly foundation there, check and see which of the 8 feng shui money area decor tips you can apply there (yes, a laundry room, a closet, and even your garage can tremendously benefit from a vibrant piece of art, a fresh coat of specific paint colour or a money feng shui symbol, no matter how small.


If your feng shui money area is located in a room with too many windows (especially floor to ceiling windows), both windows and doors, or so-called arguing doors, you need to focus on ways to ground the energy, calm it and and keep it in, instead of letting it easily escape through the door or the windows. You can do that with a specific arrangement of furniture, good window treatment, or by creating a strong feng shui focal point.

Decorate with images that represent the energy of wealth and abundance.

You can choose from any modern (and personal) representation of wealth, such as, for example, people enjoying a vacation on a luxurious yacht or a colourful and abundantly rich table set for a big party, etc. Maybe images of actual gold nuggets will speak to you more, or a big waterfront house. Find what really sparks that wealth energy in you, because this is different for everyone.